Amabel’s Story

Note: Some publications are under my given name, Kyle Lee Cushman, rather than my chosen name, Amabel Kylee Siorghlas.

Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT
MFA in Writing–Poetry, June 2007

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Teacher Certification Program, Education, May 1995
MA, English–Fiction Writing, May 1994
BA, English, Cum Laude, May 1985

There's always a ladder to where you'd like to go.

There’s always a ladder to where you’d like to go.

Being Young
Small town, general store, licorice laces and fireballs.
Frog races at the summer fair.
Ponies and rambles down old forest roads.
A little diary with a golden key.
Nancy Drew: Mystery at Shadow Ranch; Charlotte’s Web
Sharp Ticonderoga pencils, pages and lines.
Faeries, scribbled poems, dream-life.
Ice skating on the pasture pond to Steely Dan.
Thrift store fashion, purple spiky hair.
Independence, rebellion, rock bands.
Irish castles, Scottish heather; tropical flowers, desert thorns.
So much to tell, so little time.

There is art wherever you look.

There is art wherever you look.

Staying Young
Timeless song lyrics, bow across the fiddle, flatpicking guitar.
Mountains and rivers, white clouds.
“Glowy time.” All the stars.
Disco dance therapy.
Stacks of books.
Writing it all down, reflecting.
Crayola crayons.
A goofy dog and a sleek black cat.
Long conversations with good friends.
Front porches, tents, and campfires.

Glowy time.

Glowy time.

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