Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Power of Words

In the throes of a contentious and radical U.S. election, I’ve been extremely disconcerted to read how people from all walks of life have been responding to one another on social media both in writing and “in person” within various videos posted–I’ve seen name calling, ubiquitous swearing, snap judgments, invalidation, and personal attacks. Please, just remember before tearing a person down with words because he or she disagrees with you or verbally attacks you, that mostly likely that person, like you,

. . . was afraid of the dark as a child.

. . . was excited to experience her first kiss.

. . . has cried when someone he loves has died.

. . . laughs when jumping into a pond in summer.

. . . smiles to feel the sun on her face.

. . . worries about health, money, and survival.

. . . wonders what happens when we die.

. . . would like to be loved.

. . . seeks faith that the world is inherently good and that any dream is possible.

. . . is just trying to find his way.

. . . sometimes acts the way she does because she was once torn down with words.